Song Plant More Trees from Album Circle of Peace for /and on
UNEP United Nations Environment Programme , The Billion Tree Campaign. (see in audio visual section)

World Peace and Film Music Award
Song Peace from East awarded "Special mention award' in World Peace and Film Music Award in India 2007
Album Circle of Peace Album was recommended in
World Peace and Film Music award India 2007

CD Un abre Pour la Paix. Un abre pour la teree France
Song Plant More Trees in CD Un abre Pour la Paix. Un abre pour la teree France "Plant More Trees" The song from my Cd "Circle of Peace" is now also is a part of the CD Un abre Pour la Paix. Un abre pour la teree which was freely distributed to over
1000 school children as part of a 4000 tree reforestation in a local burned out area in France. There was 9 songs along with Plant More Trees, and the cd is called a Tree for Peace; Tree for the Earth. A school kit was accompanying it. The tree planting was at March 20, 2008 the first day of Spring.
The CD was well received and several schools particularly liked our song and sang it at the tree planting CD Un abre Pour la Paix. Un abre pour la teree France

A Call To Peace Festival New York
Song May Peace Prevail on earth on "A Call To Peace Festival" on August
8th 2007 at the World Peace Sanctuary in New York organized by
The World Peace Prayer Society New York USA.

Radio Transilvania-Sighet, Radio Transilvania. ROMANIA Song May Peace Prevail on Earth on
Radio Transilvania-Sighet, Radio Transilvania. ROMANIA. The song MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH from the album Circle of Peace has been first time diffused today on 7 May 2008,at 10 o clock and 24.minutes A.M,in city of Sighetu-Marmatiei,  in Romania, at Radio Transilvania-Sighet, local radio post belonging to Radio Transilvania. We were assured that the song will be diffused from time to time. In Local portal of news in Sighet , Romania.
(Tatomir Romania Poet) In Local portal of news in Sighet , Romania.
May Peace Prevail on Earth song from the Circle of Peace album appeared in the local portal of news in Sighet , Romania. Please see the details: Translation of the article: May Peace Prevail on Earth- The story of a song Poet published in various countries and supporter of the celebration of the Itl Day of Peace, ,
Tatomir Ion-Marius from Sighetu-Marmatiei, contacted in 2006 october an reknown singer for Peace and proposed him to put on song one of his poems.  Muhammad Behleem accepted and after few months, the song was made and was a wonderful succes. The song May Peace Prevail on Earth was diffused on the date of 11 august 2007 at the festival A Call to Peace from Amenia, New York (USA), public event organized by the  World Peace Prayer Society, to which participated a great number of persons.In the frame of this event, at the presentation of the song, were mentioned the names of the singer, the lyrics writer and countries.Same song appeared on CD with recording made at Starlight Harmony Music Studio, (Maui,Hawaii, USA), on the album
  Circle of Peace.The album Circle of Peace participated at the World Peace Film and Music Festival, in Lucknow, India (2-nd edition) where received from the jury s part the recognizement of commendable effort. Circle of Peace - an album what contains music for Peace and makes known the name of the country over the seas through the song of which text was composed by Tatomir. Tatomir Romania Poet

To Muhammad Iqbal Behleem Peace Ambassador and Peace Musician Brussels, the 6th July 2008
Dear Muhammad,
The presentation of "Dentelle de mirages, Lace of mirages" took place on saturday June seventh 2008, from 5.30 to 7 p.m.,in a Greek restaurant (thanks to Efteria and Manuel, natives of Rhodos) situated in the heart of Brussels.Guido Vermeulen, excellent artist and presenter, spoke about mail art and peace & love, and also about my
promotion project in favour of a primary school in Guinea-Conakry
(Mamorodou) I hope to visit at some future date.He paid homage to Marilyn Dammann (1934-2005) and her ephemeral art manifestations (see the reproduction of a wood engraving of Marilyn on the cover of "Dentelle de mirages").We successsively recited poems in English, French, Dutch and Spanish. A little girl, Lisa Colinet, gracefully showed mail art works
I received from mail artists all over the world. Guido recited the Nenuphar Song you can find in the English and French version inside my last editions. At the end of our poetry recital, we were listening to your CD (Salam, Nenuphar Light). Globally, people found it beautiful and inspiring and appreciated the
symbolic and visual interpretations of ideas. A girl friend,
Leen Oversteyns, thinks that Nenuphar Light could become a hit and
that people assisting to your concerts could sing it together with you.
One person was less enthusiastic because he is clung to classic music,
but I thinks he could open his hearing sense for your kind of music full of spirituality and commitment in a world of "supreme" technology.
Thanks a lot, Muhammad, we were waiting for your new talented creations.
Peace & Love and blessings Liza Leyla Peace research worker Love Ambassador Belgium

Muhammad Iqbal Behleem is a consistently promoting a message of peace through his music and actively reaching out to musicians and peoples of different cultures and faiths I am inspired by his energy and enthusiasm and I think he is a model artist for peace.The world needs many more peoples like him.
Joan Anderson-Scotland/U.K, Editor of SGI-Quarterly Magazine -Japan

Muhammad Iqbal Behleem, is an accomplished artist and composer.He has prove his talent and Humanistic dedication to bring togetherness and celebration
Rais Neza Boneza- Norway Director Transcend Africa Network.


Muhammad Iqbal Behleem persuades the listener of the still relevant thought of peace and does not only think, but act it.I am overwhelmed to stay in contact with outstanding peace artists and activists like Muhammad Iqbal Behleem
Simon M Jonas-Austria Poet and short story writer,novelist and peace researcher and a political scientist

I have been an admirer of Muhammad s music for sometime now. He manages to touch the parts many other musicians cannot reach. An Un assuming and giving man. A man of Peace and artist of peace his music are pieces of art.
Andy Hickson-U.K Film Producer -Action Work Films

Muhammad Iqbal Behleem is a committed peace musician who has collaborated in various music projects with colleagues from various countries and continents
Wang feng-Singapore Music Therapist for Peace


His Music has an uplifting quality of joy and happiness, with contagious rhythm Muhammad Iqbal Behleem is a devoted peace worker
Maria Elena Leopaz-Argentina International Director of Music therapist of Peace and Life


By his spiritual and mystic music Muhammad Iqbal Behleem conveys us his belief, his enthusiasm and his sensitiveness Love is the essential inspiration of his celestial message open to everybody and blessing the world community. I intensely feel the spiritual and emotional dimension of the beautiful songs of Mohammad Iqbal Behleem Our communication inspired me with peace poems for his world wide project by nenuphar Light
Liza Leyla-Belgium Poet Peace Researcher

The conference at Oxford University went VERY WELL.... Dear Behleem, I played your music song 'Humanitarian Art', and everyone liked it so much!!!! Actually people from other came inside our conference room to see what the music was about...they said it is so lively that it woke them up! (Because my presentation was at 9am so many persons were not feeling 'awake enough!!!... Lida Sherafatmand /France

What a beautiful present for the WORLD PEACE DAY 21 SEP-2006, which also happens to be the Jewish New Year,and the ensuing Moslem Id El Fitr.I listened to the 12 moving PEACE SONGS below and was so surprised and happy to find my own poem A Bridge of Peace In my name and in the name of IFLAC: The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace,I send you our warmest wishes for a future full of peace songs, love and harmony among people and nations. With all best Salamat and Shalom Ada Aharoni-Israel IFLAC Founder and President.

WISH YOU A HAPPY 'UNIVERSAL PEACE DAY' 2006. It is a very great and rare opportunity for a poet like me in India to be proud of my Dear Pakistani Brother to have the privilege of getting my PEACE POEMS composed under your superb Musical composition. My whole-hearted THANKS for all the efforts you had put in the Musical Project and I am sure all the 12 poems composed and sung by you will remain in life's annals of one and all. I HAVE GIVEN A PRESS NOTE regarding your Musical PEACE Project to the News Papers in India and I will send the paper clippings to you in a day or two. MY WHOLE-HEARTED THANKS ONCE AGAIN. With best wishes. Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy-India

Dear Mohammad, Thank you for this project and this music put on my text. The presentation very is successful and I thank you for any heart. Cheer. Sincerely,  In all Universal Fraternity of Peace
Johanne Hauber-Bieth, Predente-Fondatrice du Panth  Universel de la Pe -France

Congratulations to *Muhammad Iqbal Behleem* for his 12 songs and his steadily growing musical movement for peace and understanding
Dr.Olivier Urbain PhD Peace studies- Japan


I am much impressed by your plan to save the world through music and your witty notion of "bombing" for peace. Perhaps we can work together toward this ideal, for my philosophy is comic, not tragic. I hope to convince readers in the Muslim world that we all have more in common than we think. With cordial best wishes,
Madison Morrison PhD Literature USA

Many blessings to you Mohammad, May the divine love guide and nurture your heart's desires always! Love and Peace Kathy J. Ward Universal Peace Ambassador President of - WEL, World Elder Land President of ERT, Elder Recreation Therapy Therapeutic Recreation Consultant

Dear Muhammad Thank so much for your deep and pure prayer you bring to this world a serenity and for Brotherhood my
Heart will always be in harmony your work is very important please never let down your marvelous inspiration THANK SO MUCH TO EXIST AND TO CREATE BEAUTY Stephane MICHOT President IDEAL INTERNATIONAL-France

Brother Behleem's music inspires us, fills our hearts with love and calls us to go out into a world of strife to share our vision of peace. Thank you!
Luiza Brown Usa LUiza Art Cafee



This activist for peace inspires through his music, and what an inspiration it is! Besides the power of his individual pieces, such as the incredible Peace From East his collaborations with others from around the world show the beauty and true harmony that can be achieved when people of good will work together.
Leigh Golterman Founder, PEACE PLEASE-USA

Greetings Brotha Muhammad Praise be to the All Mighty One! I heard your Musik and it's absolutely Beautiful!! Allah is most certainly with You brethren!! It's so frustrating for the medium not to show good people coming together all over the world just like We as I Man Speak!! We definitely share a LOVE and Desire to Serve the Creator by serving It's Creation through JAH Musik!!! And I'm most certainly in to communicating with as much as needed as well as collaborating with in any way that the Most High directs Us. Alexander/JAH KINGS USA

Dear Mohammad Iqbal You are doing such a beautiful work, and I am glad to be a part of it. And grateful as well. That which brings peace into the heart of even just one, means so very much to me... but you are touching the hearts of so very many. Blissings!
Glenna mayor Artist USA

Muhammad, At the beginning of our class/rehearsal we collectively dedicated, the company, and the community our artistic endeavors to you. It was one of our most inspired, heartfelt, dedicated, and passionate times in space -hope you felt this as a warm embrace. Namaste
Misa Kelly Dancer Usa

How WONDERFUL that Muhammed is amongst us! Wonderful musician and peace activist Mohammed tirelessly works for peace and has been involved in many projects with his electronic knowledge and his music background. We have recently forwarded him words for a Peace Prayer by all Artists that he put into music...We met at the T:AP Transcend Artists for Peace server where he is an active and eloquent member. I have just joined and I am only a humble observer of this group's wonderful ideas to help the peace movement around the world with art. The United Nations is celebrating its 60th anniversary next week. You will see how Mohammed has contributed to this organization with his music. Please visit him on his site. IN PEACE Gabi Gabriela Lasko canada

I really appreciate your prayers and enthusiastic positive energy and spiritual support and dedicated virtuosity. Thank you Brother Mo! Allah Hafiz! peace, shalom Ronnie Kahn Artist-Writer USA



Dear Ambassador Muhammed Thank you for your input and that of the other Peace Ambassadors to the project of songs for World Peace Day. Whatever is done to bring about peace can only be good of our world. I end this message with the one verse; We pray for peace in Kwazulu Natal We pray for peace in Africa We pray for peace in the whole world We pray for peace ! We pray for peace! Peace ! Ukuthula! Salaam! Shalom! Vrede! Shanti! Ixolo! Pax! Pace! What ever the language , the message is the same! Pray for Peace! Yours in peace PADDY MESKIN UNIVERSAL PEACE AMBASSADOR - SOUTH AFRICA PRESIDENT WCRP SOUTH AFRICA.

Thank you much for your kindness and goodwill. I am more than amazed by your skills in creating and working such elevating artistic projects for the benefit of the mankind. I understand that You are caught with your activities; I am too-we are living in a running, fast world. So 2007 will be an year when our common efforts will be crystallized through the musical project for the Global Love Day, which You initiated. I m very glad I can be a part of it and express my gratitude. I will continue to spread information on your project-Prayer(s)for Peace. Many blessings to You, love and light, fraternally Tatomir Romania Poet

Peace and Love
To the Peace Tree
You are wonderful
Your song is full
of joy on the verge of tears
Happiness ...
a lost rose
in the sand
child of desert
child of desire
Happiness ...
A night of full moon
The sea is singing
promise of happiness
Poorness becomes richness
Happiness ...
a lost rose
in the sand
child of desert
child of desire
Happiness ...
The palm trees dandle
the peace cradle
The waves are immense
Love is endless
You are wonderful
Your song is full
of joy on the verge of tears
Peace and blessings
Liza Leyla Poet Belgium

Muhammad, Thank you very much. You are a great artist and one of the most important peace makers through art and literature.Congrats
Mari ­a Cristina Azcona Human DHS Education Team IFLAC Argentina Director

Praying together always connects us in new and powerful ways. Thank you for organizing this!
MONICA WILLARD, United Nations NGO Representive, United Religions Initiative


It only takes but a moment to smile and compassion to reach out to others in need. What a wonderful thing to take the time to share both electronically with the world. Lisa M Friedrichs-United States-Artist

Thank you Muhammad for this project that join people around the world.
Pierpaolo Limongelli-Italy - Monopoli-Artist - Federico II Eventi

Prayer is a powerful energy. It connects us with our Creator and prayers when spoken in love, earnestly,  are truly answered. We deserve Peace.   Peace of what God wills for us, every one.
Maryann  Moon -USA, Santa Barbara, CA

If everyone who prays for Peace takes action and becomes peaceful and finds peace within then peace will come.
Celine Leduc-Montreal Quebec Canada- writer artist


May peace bring us all together as one voice throughout the Universe
Stephen R Hannon-USA Holbrook, MA

This Prayer is a very nice Project
Michael Holmboe-Norway-Director IFLAC, Scandinavia

Peace generates peace. That´s the only way to heal our collective karma.
Pedro Oliveira-Portugal - Oeiras-Dolphins Defender

Thank you for all your gorgeous inspiring work lifting us higher Love. I just listened to the prayer from 2006 on the site and I was overwhelmed with its power, as if it were being injected into the cells of my body.  Thanks to all who participate in this extraordinary endeavor. Jill Karlin Butler-USA Palm Beach, Florida- Artist/Yoga Instructor

Hopefully people will read these messages and be moved to stop conflicts
Winona Baker-Canada-Poet


It is my Honor to participate in this Greater Work with my Bredren and friend Muhammed Iqbal Behleem and all the Holy people involved.  The coming in of the 5th Dimensional Frequency of LIGHT and LOVE is expressing itself through the Family of LIGHT of which WE ARE and it is through this project that this Powerful Energy is Ushering forth for All Humanity!  May the ALLMIGHTY FORCE Keep and Bless you ALL! Alexander Kofi Washington-Founder Musician-JAH KINGS

I feel that this is a wonderful and meaningful project towards the realization of harmony and peace among all humans.
Claude Veziau-Canada, Riviere-a-Pierre-songwriter, composer, performer

I am honored to be able to participate in this wonderful project. I am happy that I participated last year,
the finished piece is wonderful! Thank you for doing this
Hippie Rick-Fort Worth, TX -USA- Poet

Bless you for bringing this message into so many people's lives in this beautiful manner and for creating a place where we can work together to share our yearning for Peace.
Luiza Brown-Gardiner ME USA-Mail Artist/Poet

Good Project
May God bless your work by His own way of Leading you to do things according to His great Plan for Man kind. Maitreyee Bardahn Roy-Kolkata-India-Artist

Dear Muhammad, this is GREAT what you are doing!
I admire you!!!..I hope so many people in the world hear you, hear us in this daily fight to conquer peace.
Nina Goncharova-Russia-Artist

Thank you so much for your work.
A fantastic projekt! Good luck
Monika Lilja-Sweden-Artist for Peace

Wonderful, keep it up. Love every one who also hate you. no matter love is for all. They do not know so why there are doing as like hate you but do not forget you know these things all are same and equal from of god tell give up to decide to god who is good and best but you love all equally
Govinda Azad- Kathandu, Nepal- Painter/Artist

The best resource against war and violence is since education. To educate for peace since the childhood. To construct it like a daily exercise.
Dimitris P. Kraniotis Larissa, Greece Poet, Writer,
Medical Doctor, President of World Poets Society (W.P.S.)

It only takes but a moment to smile and compassion to reach out to others in need. What a wonderful thing to take the time to share both electronically with the world. Lisa M Friedrichs- United States

Oh! This beautiful morning, I was able to read the prayer along with you beautiful souls. I do not understand how you get through it without crying. I am still crying.  I have put this on my daily prayer.I want to say this, and hear this every day, as I cannot imagine any way of saying this better, and as I listen and pray, I am reminded of all the souls in the world who have joined with you in this remarkable and wonderful project.  It makes the connection so much more real for me Glenna Mayer-Florida, USA -singer, songwriter

Apologies for the delay in sending my prayer to you, but please find it now below. It reflects my frustration, but as well my hope that we make a change now. All best and peace to you, my friend, Founder Peace Please Leigh Golterman Peace Please USA

A project this heartfelt doesn't need comments. I ask the energy of Sacred Being's love to continue in the most blessed way in your travels and lives.
Marcia M. Winter- Redmond, Washington 98052 Spiritual teacher, healer, reader

AFM of Peace to the Whole World A New Divine Voice echoes among Humanity Michele Bodine and Muhammed Behleem
I received yesterday p.m. a thick package sent express from two angels who live in Hawaii A number of beautiful musical songs on CDs about world Peace
As I was opening it gently, with a child spirit, who is waiting for big surprise...
Among the selection, my eyes caught a blank silver CD which had nothing written on it... I was puzzled wandering whether anything in there would be recorded... So, I inserted it with curiosity into my stereo expecting rather no words but silence? As I admire this valuable method of prayer used in spiritual ancient way of meditation I let it role for seconds; suddenly, I heard beautiful voices which touched deeply my wounds Oh! What a wonderful heavenly peace prayer which vibrates every cell of our body! Oh what gorgeous voices in unison coming softly from two tender hearts! Instantly, I kneeled down and closed my eyes, with an innocent child's spirit I put aside all pride, and was in total submission to God's will, mercy, and love I always wished to hear or read such a peace prayer which touches the heart of young and old To be in union in meditation, rather expelled, to discover new peacemakers and heroes
While writing these words, and listening spontaneously to these up-lifting sweet voices Which give me wings to fly, and enable me to soar really very high in the sky As a Lost Child echoing in the desert, I follow someone's footsteps through the Light To seek healing through these beautiful peace prayers which gently set my soul free From any pain, heavy burden, burning out from all kind of rejection and suffering Oh thank you kindly, dear two angels living far away in Hawaii! Your gift to me is very precious more than words can describe my present feeling Although I have not heard your other three musical CDs, I already know what positive impact will they have on my spirit
As I am looking forward to listen to them when the sun shall rise shortly
Oh! What a joy! What gorgeous heavenly voices and wonderful heavenly music! Thank you for giving mea drop of fresh water as I was strolling in this sterile hot dry desert! You have revived my crashing soul and spirit, and re-energized my wrecked deadly vanishing body!
May the Lord, Allah, bless my dear brother Mohammed Iqbal and my sister Michele And guide these gifted sweet people and singers in this earthly journey! To continue opening hearts of the burdened in this humanitarian artistic mission To shed Light, Love, and Peace in the path of every soul who is in pain and in suffering And bring healing to Lost Children who are wandering in the desert in despair like me Oh please continue this beautiful noble peace work! And promise me to never look back where you were before standing still
Keep on going! And never stop! No matter what obstacles you may meet...
Rock and roll! Make every soul dance on this earth to your sweet heavenly music! Bravo to you and all who sow Joy and Peace in the heart of humanity!
From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you to everyone very kindly!
We are proud of all and everyone of you! Please, just keep on rolling stones
And get them away from the victims' path who suffer so much injustice, and evil wars May your beautiful heavenly songs give great courage to every thirsty soul! In their turn, one day, they will sing and share their own beautiful song with the entire world And pass it on to others like you and many other peacemakers did in the past, are still committed Oh! Please keep it up, never give up, follow Jeanne-d'Arc's courage! Please never stop! For the world is in despair, and needs very badly your noble peace beautiful songs And young people like you who have so much zest, zeal, and everlasting energy New ideas and vivid style to add up another nice color to the RAINBOW One day, in solidarity and in one voice, we'll turn all world suffering into a beautiful PARADISE! May our Lord hear our Prayers and Songs, and grant us Joy and Peace now and forever! Amen! Jeannette of Nazareth CANADA

Our planet now really needs all loving- prayers it can get.Very beautiful project with which I wish to continue with his aims and to bring together many artists.
Margareta –sterberg Sweden…re UN-group

Muhammad, my beloved brother. This project is a beautiful vision to help humanity transform and bring forth a higher expression of itself for the blessing of all life. I am grateful for the gift of your presence on earth and the opportunity to be of service by participating in this vision of love.Kevin Reid City of Angels, USA Sacred Songwriter/Light, Love, & Power Records

Thank for kind response,What ever you doing that really great. Please keep it up. There is so much harassment but you satisfied that you try hard that is your success. God will guide one day. And as like you I am also trying to breathe for peace nothing more. Thank you again. With regard,
Govinda Azad,  India

Thank you kindly dear brother for your kind word! I am so proud of you Mo and Michele for your great noble mission of Peace you are devotedly committed! I remind you that the Road to Peace is not an easy one. In love of God and Humanity, Jeannette of Nazareth- Canada

Many thanks for your kind words However, I am the one that should thank you for your contribution to Humanity With Peace wishes for you and your Family May all the blessings from the Universe come right on your doorstep. Youre Brother in Genuine Peace and Mutual understanding  With fondest of regards, Michael Holmboe

Dear Muhammad Iqbal Behleem, It is I who send my deepest gratitude for your creation of this prayer project. I am looking forward to participating for the next series.Peace and Harmony, Claude Veziau

This activist for peace inspires through his music, and what an inspiration it is! Besides the power of his individual pieces, such as the incredible Peace From Eastâ, his collaborations with others from around the world show the beauty and true harmony that can be achieved when people of good will work together. Leigh Golterman Founder, PEACE PLEASE USA

Brother Behleem's music inspires us, fills our hearts with love and calls us to go out into a world of strife to share our vision of peace.
Luiza Brown USA

Peace is a worthwhile pursuit, no matter how distant it may seem. Your contagious rhythms and arrangements share influences from many genres of music yet you weld them together in the crucible of your creativity to make it all your own. Loved the delicate guitar on "may peace prevail", and your use of percussion throughout all your songs is very striking. It truly sets your personal imprint upon them! I bid you to stay true to the music and keep it alive! The Mad Soundman of AMS Systems USA

Beautiful music you make, and what a shining reason for doing it! For PEACE!! The world needs in today... Much love and respect, Sonja Prenda Austria

Thank you & G'day from Australia where I am at present ..... Many, many congratulations on your work ..... Walk Good ..... with Love & in Peace.
(Peter (Bentley) Ambassador for Peace, Vice President & Director for Environmental Protection, International Association of Educators for World Peace, President, SENSE Adventures) - Australia

Statement of Clarification
"I  invited people to join IFLAC and not you, as you are not part of IFLAC".
Professor Ada Aharoni  IFLAC Founder - President- (29 Apr 2007)

The Universe is surely guiding you on the ultimate mission of all of us to be blessed on this planet - love and peace. Love, joy and peace to you for channeling love not only here on Earth but throughout the Universe.
David & Barbara Lorenz USA, Hillsboro, Missouri Reiki Masters

Dear Ambassador, I am happy to to see that you fill your role of "ambassador" by intermediary one music. I recall you dear word to his heart of our Founding President JP Nouchi : All those that work for peace form a same Spirit, a same Soul, a same Heart, a same Body, a same Universal Family. (Universal Peace Embassy) and this is as well as will be able while broadcasting the peace around oneself to create this magnificent Universal Family. You will have held uniformly projects in course.  In all Universal Brotherhood of Peace.
Gabrielle Simond Presidente Circle Universal ambassadors of Peace. Universal Peace Embassy

Peace must begin within each of us and flow out from there. You cannot transmit something you haven't got. A "War on War" will never bring bring Peace, as the wars on Drugs, Poverty and Terror have not ended drug use, poverty or terror. Be only FOR something... God bless this project!
Robb Tracy Whitter, CA  USA Actor/Writer/Songwriter

We need to increase the vibration here on earth to help peace become a reality. Thank you for project to increase peace.
Taylore Bailey Fort Macleod, Canada Mother

Hello Behleem ! Nice to meet you , I enjoy your music.
Maurizio Salvato Italy

Congratulations!. Your music is great!. I love it!.
Maribel Florida-USA

Namaste Behleem! Beautiful work my new friend. Dancing joyfully on the inside here - great sounds. :) Peace, love & happiness,
Donna. G VIP Entertainment Perth, Australia.

Hi, Behleem! Very interesting music! Greetings from Russia
Sergey Iljinov, Russia.

Dear Muhammad Iqbal Behleem, many thanks for what you do for peace.It was a pleasure to sign the prayer! Renato

Thank you Behleem. I enjoy your music and your aspirations. All the best to you on your quest for peace in the world. Your friend,
June Benfield, USA.

Peace on Bahleem, all the best - your music makes me want to dance!! -
Martin U.K

thanks so much you have a friend in Minneapolis ~ love in all you do
Paisley Brooks, USA

Greetings!!! respect to your music
ThreeTonus , Germany.

Dear Mohammad, Thank you for a beautiful work of collective art.
Catherine Graham - USA- Artist

Wonderful idea and difficult in practice to change many people's behavior to
accept the fact that peace is universal, not limited by race, religion or   any particular country.
Sadhu Sadher-United Kingdom-Poet & visionary

The project should create a positive environment even if slowly.
R.K.Singh-Dhanbad, India-Professor, Indian School of Mines

Iti s really on the ball. We need more and more to join one another. Go ahead.
Paulo de Lima Xand Baptista-Brazil, Bras­lia-Painter and Musician

We appreciate you Behleem! Love from Zhengzhou, Henan, China,
Clay, Pam, Xiaoqing, Zhengnan, Aiguo, Yudian, Xiaoshu & Ziyue

Oh my Dear Muhammad, Your Project is great, I admire you!!!..I hope so many people in the world hear you, hear us in this daily fight to conquer peace.. We are in contact with words and songs are coming from our internal state of Love and Peace to give to others, to ours brothers and sisters during this time we have to live doing our best.. From this distance place with our souls closed in Peace and Love, I send you here new phrase, my friends writers have translated.- Susana

I'm glad to participate this project and I hope its really does work, for a long time. We, I think, sensitive and different people can really improve this world, if we really want.
Paulo de Lima Xand Baptista Brasilia, Brazil.Painter and musician

Innovative Idea
Dr. Leo Rebello-Bombay, India-Author, Poet and World Peace Envoy

Susana Roberts-Argentina-poet/writer

May God bless your work by His own way of Leading you to do things according to His great Plan for Man kind.
Jan N. Malde-Manila, Philippines-Retired ship's officer

Wish all the best and peace!
Ulrike M. Dierkes-Germany - Stuttgart

Thanks for the chance to share hope.
Johnni Zanni-Austin, TX, USA

I am very happy that you are initiating this kind of things. I know this would help us all to achieve peace. So please continue to serve God and love people.
Joey Rendon-Philippines, Manila-Manila Presbeterian Theological Seminary

Thank you so much for your work. May God Bless you always.
Diane Eleftheriades Bridges of Peace USA


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