World Prayer for Peace by All Artists-2006
80 Artists from 24 Countries  Praying for Peace Together .

The music for this peace prayer is composed by
J Michele Bodine from USA, 21 Sept. 2006

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I am making peace songs with all my friends from around the world as one of my projects to promote peace through music.

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World Prayer for Peace by All Artists-2006
80 Artists from 24 Countries Praying for Peace

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Music by Michele Bodine (In the Arms of Angels)
Voice Michele Bodine and Muhammad Iqbal Behleem


World Prayer for Peace by All Artists-2006
Peace ! Ukuthula! Salaam! Shalom! Vrede! Shanti! Ixolo! Pax! Pace!

Participants List
80 Artists from 24 Countries   

Austria Simon M. Jonas

Australia Mike Yates  

ArgentinaMaria Elena, Maria Cristina Azcona

Brazil Willian Germano

Belgium   Dr.Olivier Urbain Japan, Guido Vermeulen,Liza Leyla,

Canada   Winona Baker ,Jeannette of Nazareth ,Munira, Randy Tyler ,Gabriela Aguero

China Wang Hu

Haiti  Dr.Marly Desir

Iran  Lida Sherafatmand

Sweden Monika Lilja

Turkey  Sinasi Gunes

Romania Tatomir Ion-Marius 

Nigeria Clarius

South Africa Paddy Meskin

India T. Ashok Chakravarthy

France Johanne HAUBER-BIET 

Italy Franco Piri Focardi 

JapanKeiichi Nakamura

Israel Dr. Ada Aharoni  

U.K  Andy Hickson

Singapore Wang Feng Ng

Germany Carolin Madeleine Heiss, Klaus peter dencker

Pakistan Muhammad Iqbal Behleem, Sana Kayenat Behleem, Allauddin Bandey Ali, Hina Kehkashan Behleem, Shahnaz Nadeem

USA J Michele Bodine,Rabia Naeem,Kachina Davine,Songs of Freedom,Luiza Brown, Grace Eagle Reed, Kristen, Frances Key and The International Peace Performers Chorus,Gina-USA,Carol Miller,Arsine,,Skip Shea, Unconditional Caring, Sophia, Rik Palieri, Linda Stu, Lisa Iris, Whitney Vosburgh, Ray Korona, Gina, Inner Peace LGWPF, Hedi Mizouni, John Fleming, Hippie Rick, Andrew Tait, Stephen L. Suffet, Michael.M, Gleena Mayor, Ernesto Ciccarelli, Debbie Milam, Kristin Lems, Shel Horowitz, Jill Karin Butler, Stanley Sabre, Alana Vasanta Gorfaine, Barbera Battson, Gwen, Tony West,Stephen R Hannon, Alexander/JAH KINGS, lan Moore, Leigh-Peace Please, Kathy J Ward Sophia Dale.


May Allah Help every human and keep us safe from deadly War. Peace and Justice for everyone. May the dark shadows go away May the world get better every day May more flowers bloom around us May more peace grow within us Let each person shine for peace, radiating with courage, wisdom and compassion. For Unity, for each of us to see the creator in each other and to honor and respect our oneness as well as our differences wish to all Peace. Peace yes. War no. Peace yes. War no. Together we will make it so. Together we will make it so. Make it so! May I be humbled to take a chance to reach out for another if with but a glance May I be gracious and thankful and strong May mine be a voice against all that's wrong May I be one of the ones who care May I breathe peace into unsettled air With thanks for compassion that comes from above May I be an ambassador of Allah's love. May all beings standing in sacred places known and unknown raise hands and hearts and voice and face to the light away from the dark longing for the Peace remembering the Oneness and gently lifting up to the air go the prayers for earth and life and even death especially for the innocence left behind and evil flees in disgrace and may all beings and the Gods be grateful My prayers going to all. May we continue to hold high a vision of peace despite evidence to the contrary, for vision is the first step that leads to manifestation. While walking on the wet sand of a beach we watch our footprints next to others. These prints are our common prayers for peace, connection and understanding. May Allah Bless this world with peace and Love World Need Peace, Let us work together. May Peace Prevail on Earth Peace and Love to all Allah, I pray to you, that all living creatures large and small gain the wisdom to strengthen and raise their vibration higher, so we are more loving and experience aliveness, expansion and renewal as our love to flows with the Universe rather than resisting it. Please guide us all as we practice the willingness to be vulnerable, excepting our selves and others to be exactly who we are.  Let us experience Unconditional love, dissolving all separateness as we learn to love our selves and others.  Please guide us as our energy increases to the smoother and finer vibration of the higher dement ions, becoming our higher selves. I pray to you Allah, that all beings gain the recognition of peace this world so desperately needs.  Amen.  Let us all love each other unconditionally. Let us all finally realize how futile fighting is. Let us all gather together and cherish our lives. Help us know peace. Help us know Happiness. Help us know ourselves. Shouldn't we love and care? Isn't hate and murder wrong and unforgivable? How can we let the corrupt abide their time? Take a stand for goodness sake, With Peace and Diplomacy! I reject war and accept peace Om Om Om I reject grievances and accept miracles Om Om Om I reject despair and accept hope Om Om Om I reject separation and accept unity Om Om Om I reject greed and accept generosity Om Om Om I reject discrimination and accept equality Om Om Om I reject hatred and accept love Om Om Om  Amen Namaste May we all find peace in our hearts, minds, souls, bodies and spirits and may the peace saturate our beings, our lives, our situations and our planet.  May the universe be filled with our peaceful energies so that we may float in a cloud of peace through the celestial atmosphere. May we connect with our higher spiritual self which lives in our hearts...May we all have the courage to be protagonists of our new millennium with empathy, creativity and love...May we realize the unity of our human family traveling in our endegerous Gaia...In a world driven to the brink of Oblivion Where everyman's fate is our own We must stand together not alone In a world driven to the brink of oblivion May peace come upon this sad dreary world may peace come to every woman man boy and girl the peace that only God can bring this is the peace He want s to bring just submit your selfish ways and submit to peace these precious days My prayer just for you is a peace so loyal and true, May we be at peace together, whether we be alike or different. May we be at peace together, whether we be close or seas apart. May we be at peace together, so we can celebrate life.  May we be at peace together, so we can really live. Plant A Rose for Peace Today And Peace will come Tomorrow Hope and pray for better days Without war pain or sorrow Work each day in your own way Return the love you borrow Plant a seed of hope and dream The road to Peace will follow Peace alive, peace around, peace bound... growing, sharing, meaning, dreaming  light, love, oh fill us with hope Hope, peace, spirits unite,  Blossom, free OMMMM Peace and love for everyone May hearts be One in Peace and Love, May all nations see the flying white Peace Dove, May healing reach all the wounds, and the beautiful sounds, Of the prayer MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH Open the door of the bright future! May you all find many blessings greet you each day as your world is filled with loving light and peaceful understanding. Let there be love and understanding, let there be the one and only possible conclusion that no god believes in violence, as this would mean to destroy his own work! My peace dream and prayer In a night of full moon the sea is singing promise of happiness for everybody The palm trees dandle the cradle of peaceful birth in purity and enthusiasm far from war and cruelty The waves are immense flowers of eternity Love is endless Peace with love is my tree that nobody can cut down May the All Mighty stop the incomprehensible, senseless death and destruction of war and direct the intellect to freeing the vulnerable from poverty, disease & oppression May all living things be happy That all beings are free to attain the state of absolute happiness, the state of enlightenment, free from fear. In this present-day world where PEACE has no place, let us spare and share a PEACE moment EVERY DAY for UNIVERSAL PEACE. With nice greetings for Peace a kind word sometimes makes world become a kind world. A nice thought on somebody else makes the edge of sorrow seem to be near, miles away from us. A beautiful smile, an invaluable love you A tear, a river, an ocean and Peace will come. May Peace prevail upon the earth and all her inhabitants let all terrorists repent of their deeds this year and forever, let the kite and the eagle perch peacefully on their separate trees May one never point in the face of the other. Peace for all, in the towns, in the suburbs and in the bush. Will you live for peace? Will you sing for peace? May your heart find peace. We are children of the Light We serve the Light We live in the Light We are protected, illumined, supplied, sustained by the Light Aligned with the Light we pray for Peace LETS THE WORLD GLOW WITH THE LIGHT OF PEACE...Everything with Peace, Peace with everything Now and Forever. Inner Peace now and Forever By all the Holy beings Blessings By all human beings attention May we all walk in peace and beauty on this planet. We are light and Love, Let us shine and pray Allah to guide Us to Inner and Outer Peace I hope that no one you know is killed this year. I hope that no one I know is killed this year. I hope that you and I are not killed this year. I hope...Be at Peace with ones self, and then spread it to others we cannot give away what we do not have, we must be the change we want May enlightenment shine down so peace can cleanse our Earth of hatred and war. Next year in a City of Peace, Next year in a City of Peace, Lord by any Name, We are your children just the same. Next year in a City of Peace. We lift up our hearts, minds, and souls to you dear Allah. We seek peace for our World. Peace among nations. Peace among races. Peace among religions. Grant us this ability to spread Peace through our music, our arts, and our intentions. Show us how to be good stewards of Mother Earth. Most importantly open us up to our deep connection with you and with one another. For all shall then fall into place, and we shall see Peace Love and Light fill our World replacing war, injustice, hatred, and greed. So be it and so it is. To know the light we first had to know the shadows. The mankind already knows very well the shadows... Its time to seek for light. Its time to seek the spirit. We chose for life. So may the hearts can be strongest than bombs. May the seeds can still germinate, may we can breathe life and light as brothers and sisters, wherever we are, whoever we are...May we all realize that in our differences we are really the same.  May we all work for Peace and understanding.  May we all show love and compassion to all we meet in life.  Help us to feed the hungry, house the homeless, and love the forgotten.  Remind us that we all come from the same God, no matter what name we use for Him. We pray for peace in Kwazulu Natal. we pray for peace in Africa we pray for peace in the whole world we pray for peace! We pray for peace! Peace! Ukuthula! Salaam! Shalom! Vrede! Shanti! Ixolo! Pax! Pace! What ever the language, the message is the same! Pray for Peace! Wind is music Waves are music Strings are music Your voice is music We are music Peace is music I love music The call for peace is growing louder Than the call for war We are coming to an age We've never been before A time when all will think to Share the bounty of our earth The time when we will recognize What Life is really worth There is no reason for the killing No reason except greed And that kind of thinking is not What we all need War has never stopped the killing And from that we seek release Let's join hearts and thoughts together Our true nature favors peace Love One Another My foremost wish today is our soldier sons to bathe in the peaceful rays their mothers wove when younger than they in the near faraway rainbow days..." From Haifa to Near Faraway Cairo THE WORLD WHICH IS relative with MOMENT. THE WORLD WHICH IS relative with FUTURE AND PAST. We pray from the deepest place in our heart that the world be blanketed in peace. May every person see the holiness in each others eyes. May every solider see the light in the soul of their adversaries. May every child see each other as a miracle. May every world leader realize we are all deeply connected. And finally, may we all know peace on earth. Amen Even when you are far away Speak a different language And practice a different religion I feel your joy as my own I feel your pain as my own I wish you the same things I wish for my own family I wish you the same things I wish for my community. I greet you in peace! When the consequences of war are more calamitous than ever And when our hearts and souls are seething with anger and frustration At all the wrong in the world We seek Outer Peace to save the planet And Inner Peace to calm our souls Neither alone can stand--they are the two walls of a shelter Peace to all from May every fiber of my body, mind, soul be peace May every person in my presence feel my peace Let me be peace May every strand in my DNA be returned to their divine and original peace namaste dear planet earth. god/goddess is love joy peace compassion and sweetness forever in manifest om shanty WE ARE ONE We are of the heavens Of land, mountains and sea, Buffalo and eagle All part of family; Molecule and atom A part of you and me You're our universe, Sweet ones of sky and Earth, Beings gone and living, Feel the lap of the surf Smooth flowing affection One had been we from birth. Gazing at each other with soft eyes. Reaching out with a gentle grasp. Inviting others with a loving heart. Let us all practice these acts that invite peace. According to an ancient law: things outside are just the way things are inside Peace starts within each of us, when our constant thoughts and wishes give way to stillness. so the only thing we can do is to start inside ourselves I pray that peace will come throughout the earth, and may all that live there treat all life with respect and compassion. I pray for peace and wisdom and I pray for understanding. I pray that we as a world can open our eyes and hearts to see we are all brother and sister. I pray for patience and humility and for the willingness to be open to God's guidance. I pray that some how and in some way I can be used to show someone the way; not my way, not your way but God's way. To be led by love and through love and only with love I pray. For a world in peace we abolish the weapons  For a world in peace to the men and the women the justice  For a world in peace we abolish the weapons  For a world in peace to every man and woman his food  For a world in peace we abolish the weapons  For a world in peace to every man and woman his dignity  For a world in peace we abolish the weapons  For a world in peace to every man and woman his space  For a world in peace we abolish the weapons I will love I will sing I will dance I will pray to save the  world. Listen to the bird of Peace. Even if I close my eyes I look the red of my blood Through the sun's light If I open my eyes What can I look for? I don't want to look the blood from anyone's body I don't want to listen the scream I don't want to hear the sound of bombing But I should not to shut my eyes Kind gods and goddesses let me treat people as I wish to be treated. May we all join hands, in the Circle of Life, Let us come to our brother's and sisters� aid, Let peace surround us, while we pray, For hope, life, a better way. May Peace Prevail on Earth & In Space! May Joy and Peace Reign in the Heart of all Humanity and May all wars vanish now and forever! Amen! May the Creator of Peace and LOVE purify and transmute all of the pain, ugliness, and suffering that permeates this beautiful planet.  May the LOVE that lives within all peoples brake forth so that true reconciliation, forgiveness, and healing can wash away all that divides us as we are One Human Family irregardless of race, gender, or religion.  And may the LIGHT in us All radiate like the sun ushering in the blessed energy from the center of our galaxy to bring in the New Heaven on Earth!  Blessings and Peace.....Namaste! May this PEACE and LOVE be with all always! Please help us all to understand that war is never the answer. You, who governs, hear me! That all children of the world  See only the sun Shining like never,  In a blue sky with no bombs  You, who governs, hear me ! That their eyes full of light look upon the goodness and beauty that peace offers with its primary grace you, who governs, hear me! That their hearts know how to speak with love, with tenderness When childhood has turned into man with his weaknesses you, who governs, hear me! Then the dove will sing as it is they, without mystery that will one day be the fraternal ring on our earth! You, who governs... think! Greetings, Harsh nights have descended upon us.  But we have not gone underground. We look hopefully towards the future.  And work now for better days to come. We lift up our hearts, minds, and souls to you dear Allah. We seek peace for our World. Peace among nations. Peace among races. Peace among religions. Grant us this ability to spread Peace through our music, our arts, and our intentions. Show us how to be good stewards of Mother Earth. Most importantly open us up to our deep connection with you and with one another. For all shall then fall into place, and we shall see Peace Love and Light fill our World    AMEN

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