Peace Song Nenufar Light.

The music of this peace song is composed and sung by Muhammad Iqbal Behleem using Liza Leyla lyrics from Belgium.

This song is also a part of Behleem's peace music album, "Circle of Peace".

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I am making peace songs with all my friends from around the world as one of my projects to promote peace through music.

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Nenufar Light

Let us stop war by nenufar light

Let us stop war by peace delight

Together we are strong

Listing to the breeze

of celestial songs with

Blessings fo Peace

Ananda in site it us

to love and eternity

The peace river invite it us

to wave of imencity

Sora heart of stars

Sparkels of purity

In overrflowing jars

of world community

Liza Leyla

Liza Leyla

I am a  teacher and translator.
My work with immigrants opened my mind and heart to other  countries and cultures. Today, I principally devote my time to research work in philosophy some ideas concerning women in mythologies, legends, fairy tales of various cultures) and to my writings (poetry and short stories). (Belgium)

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Nenufar Light-
Peace Song by
Muhammad Iqbal Behleem and
Liza Leyla-
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